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An Active day

Sea kayaking

Sea kayak with guide

Welcome to a refreshing experience and enjoy Bohuslän from the sea. Choose between kayaking calmly and along the shore and starting from Havets Magasin or if you want to kayak on the open sea and starting from Hampholmens Magasin.

After a refreshing excursion among rocks and cliffs with your guide and good food or a “fika”/coffee, the heated hot tub and the hot sauna await you. When you are relaxed, you then enjoy a buffet of the sea’s fresh delicacies. A fantastic end to an absolutely wonderful day.

In collaboration with Smögens Kajak Äventyr & Smögens Dyk & Upplevelse.

Gather your closest friends or co-workers for a wonderfully active day!

Contact us and we will tailor your event so it will be as perfect as possible.

We also offer accommodation in Havets Magasin a total of 16 beds or through one of our partners Hotell Kungshamn Suites and Smögens Hafvsbad.