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follow the latest wellness trend

Cold plunge

Stronger immune system, more energy and a enormous endorphin boost.

Join the latest wellness trend in Sweden, cold plunge, winter swimming or cold bathing. Why? A dip in the cold sea has proven health benefits, such as a stronger immune system, more energy and a huge endorphin boost.

The wonderful nature experience is simply a fantastic bonus feature.

Cheerier, fresher and more energized – a salty cold bath has a wonderful health effect. It is also said that cold baths can reduce pain and increase creativity.

Invite your closest friends, or work colleagues to a wonderful day.

In our warehouse on the small island of Hampholmen you can enjoy our hot tub with heated water from the sea, and sauna.

If you want to stay overnight, and enjoy a little longer, you can book our second warehouse, which is located on land – Havets Magasin. There are 16 beds, divided into 3 apartments with both hot tub and sauna. And a swimming ladder right in the sea, on the pier right outside the door.

Contact us with your enquiry for groups or a private stay with accommodation, activities etc.

A little encouragement and advice for those who want to start cold plunging:

  • Start gently – try it once and see how it feels
  • If you want, you can sauna before or, even better, take a cold plunge after exercising so you’re not ice-cold from the start
  • Don’t stay in the water for long; a quick dip is enough
  • Skip dipping your head and wear a cap
  • Plunge with someone – it’s both more fun and safer
  • Bring warm and easy-to-put-on change of clothes
  • Invest in neoprene socks and gloves as it tends to feel coldest on the feet and hands.